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MTP/MPO Cassette


High-density modular design, up to 144 fiber in 1U for efficient utilization.

Pre-terminated cassette for improved reliability and quick deployment.

High performance connectors to achieve a low loss optical budget.

Plug-N-play modules allow fast installation of multiple fiber links.

Offered in a wide range of performance and polarity configurations.

Product Constructions

Fiber  Count

24 Fibers

Fiber Mode

Single Mode: OS2 9/125μm

Front Connector

Single Mode: LC Duplex with PC/PC Polish

Rear Connector

Single Mode: MPO Adapter(s) with Male Ferrules (pins) and PC   Polish

Polarity Type

Type A

Dimensions (HxWxD)

1.38''x4.29''x4.64'' (35x109x118mm)

Performance Properties

Front Connector

LC/PC Simplex

Fiber Mode

Single Mode

Insertion Loss

Single Mode: APC ≤0.3dB  PC ≤0.2dB

Return Loss

Single Mode: APC ≥60dB   PC ≥50dB

Environmental Characteristics

Operating   Temperature


Storage   Temperature


Standards Compliance

ISO9001 Certificate

RoHS Compliant

REACH Compliant

WEEE Compliant

Polarity Illustration

MTP -24 Cassette, Type A


Layout and Dimensions

 24F Cassette 12 LC Duplex Adapters


Ordering Information

Fiber CountRear ConnectorFiber ModePolish TypeInsertion Loss(dB)Polarity
12FMPOOS2PCElite 0.35Type A
24FMPOOM3APCStandard 0.6/0.75Type AF

Type B1

Type B2

Product Recommendations