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Datacenter Solution

Author :小编 Release time :2021-02-05 Clicks :

Datacenter Solution(图1)

Today,with the rapid development of data volume, in the wave of big data era, the expansion speed of each data center is amazing,which leads to the difficulty in IT capacity planning in the construction of data center.

To establish a highly adaptive, high scalability of data center has been the direction of the industry related manufacturers,these efforts also contribute to the data center of the first and second wave of change:around 2003,in the first wave of the Internet boom gradually return to rational at the same time,enterprise data center construction boom for the first time,new technology concept began to be introduced in data center,data center construction during the period of efficient and reliable as the keyword.

HTD Can provide DAC/AOC Cable for the High-speed connection scheme.

Datacenter Solution(图2)Datacenter Solution(图3)

Datacenter Solution(图4)