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FTTX Solution

Author :sam Release time :2021-02-05 Clicks :

In the limited space, high-density solutions provide double connection. Our engineers design for maximum efficiency, realizing perfect space program, not crowded, can add, move, change easily in future.

As a leading designed and innovative communication corporation, with the 10-years wealth of experience, HTD Fibercom has a proven process to offer comprehensive project design services to clients, enable cabling more modular, scalable and easily adaptable, making the data faster and more accurately, spending less time to maintain, repair or install.

Today's enterprise data centers are often a complex, intertwined network of solutions that were brought together at various times during your business' growth.

We know what it takes to design, deploy and maintain a connected and efficient data center. But we also understand that sometimes you've got to work with what you've got. That's why we offer a flexible portfolio of robust and cost-effective fiber infrastructure solutions that fit seamlessly with your infrastructure now but can easily be migrated to higher speeds in the future.

We also provide a number of intelligent solutions that can help you manage and optimize your network and its connectivity—so your data center can deliver the best performance possible. Meet our Connected and Efficient Data Center solutions for Enterprises:

Get Flexible, scalable high-speed bandwidth with the High Speed Migration platform.

Best-in-class preterminated fiber and copper connectivity.

Comprehensive automated infrastructure management (AIM) solution.